Zorin OS 17

Zorin OS 17 Beta offers a futuristic desktop experience with revamped multitasking, two new layouts, and a sleek spatial desktop. Built on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS with Linux 6.2 kernel.

Adil Murshid

12/4/20234 min read

Introducing Zorin OS 17 Beta: Redefining the Desktop Experience

Embark on a journey into the next frontier of desktop computing with Zorin OS 17 Beta, where multitasking reaches new heights and customization takes center stage. This latest release from the Zorin Group rebases on top of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and incorporates the Linux 6.2 kernel, ensuring a foundation of stability and performance. Coupled with the cutting-edge GNOME 43 desktop environment, Zorin OS 17 delivers an immersive and feature-rich experience that reshapes the way we interact with our digital worlds.

Multitasking Unleashed

Zorin OS 17 Beta brings a seamless multitasking experience with a refined activities overview and a horizontal arrangement of workspaces. Advanced window tiling ensures that managing multiple tasks becomes more efficient than ever, empowering users to navigate effortlessly through their digital workspace.

Diverse Desktop Layouts

One of the standout features of Zorin OS has always been the ability to tailor the desktop experience to individual preferences. With the introduction of two new desktop layouts—a ChromeOS-like layout and a GNOME 2-like layout—users now have even more options to personalize their computing environment. Zorin OS 17 continues to uphold its reputation for being familiar and user-friendly.

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Universal Search and Enhanced Zorin Menu

The Zorin Menu, the gateway to the Zorin OS experience, has undergone a transformation to make navigation faster and more intuitive. Universal search capabilities have been expanded to include files, calendar appointments, contacts, apps from the Software store, world clocks, and even a calculator, providing users with a one-stop hub for all their computing needs.

Spatial Desktop: A Multitasking Marvel

Zorin OS 17 introduces the Spatial Desktop, an exciting innovation that takes multitasking to the next dimension. With the Desktop Cube feature, users can switch between workspaces in a captivating 3D environment. App windows gracefully float off the desktop surface, revealing a parallax effect that enhances contextual awareness and injects an element of fun into the computing experience.

My Take on Zorin OS 17

My anticipation has finally met its match – Zorin OS 17 is here! The wait has been worth it, especially considering the yearning that started last year when I made the bold decision to transition from Windows to Linux. As a dedicated user of Windows, the familiarity of its system layout was deeply ingrained in me. However, my innate curiosity and the desire for an organized and user-friendly environment propelled me towards the Linux universe.

Embarking on my Linux journey, I found myself exploring various distros, each holding the promise of something different. Being new to the world of Linux, the excitement of trying out different distros was palpable. Amidst this exploration, Zorin emerged as a standout performer, securing its place as one of the best Linux distros available.

My transition to Zorin OS was marked by a seamless experience, so much so that I took the plunge and invested in the Pro version. I can confidently say that every penny spent on the Pro version of Zorin OS was worthwhile, enhancing my user experience and reaffirming my commitment to this exceptional Linux distribution.

Now, the moment has arrived with Zorin OS 17 making its debut, even if it's in the beta phase. The excitement is real as users can dive into this beta version, explore its features, and provide valuable feedback. However, caution prevails – for general use, it's not recommended to install the beta version. Zorin OS assures us that the stable version will grace our systems in the coming weeks – a piece of information corroborated by their blog post.

As a seasoned user of Zorin OS for over a year, the arrival of Zorin OS 17 is a testament to the continuous improvement and innovation that this Linux distribution brings to the table. The journey from Windows to Linux has been a delightful adventure, and Zorin OS stands tall as a reliable and feature-rich companion in this evolving landscape.

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