"My Journey to Avoiding Phishing Scams: Lessons Learned from a Suspicious Email"

In this article, I describe my experience with a phishing email. I received an email claiming to be from DHL about a parcel on hold. I clicked the link but was alerted by my antivirus software, Bitdefender. I also received similar emails from MetaMask.

Adil Murshid

3/14/20233 min read

Alright here is my new incident with something I have never gone through just as every day I was working and when I get my 15 minutes of break and start using my phone and checked some notifications but as always I get excited whenever I see emails notification with hoping someone has subscribed to my newsletter and start checking but unfortunately there was something I have never thought of and it was phishing email saying there is a parcel on hold and I need to pay some dollars so they can proceed with my parcel and it was professional saying this email is from DHL and I was wondering a parcel did I ordered something or maybe my sister but suddenly I got confused and start wondering more and I tapped on that link to know if it's something that I've ordered but thank God I didn't proceed, the service I use called Bitdefender antivirus and provide more valuable features,  flash me a pop-up on my screen just the time I click on that phishing link and make me remember that can be some attackers who is attempting phishing attack.

I'm Providing that screenshot of that email so you can look at how a phishing email can be so professional and legitimate just as we get our normal email when we order something or get any emails from those services we use.

I got some more emails from the same sender as MetaMask.

Here in this MetaMask screenshot, I'm hiding the whole link, and the reason I don't want anyone to even try with these types of links.

The Steps I take immediately.

Okay, so as fast as I saw a pop-up from Bitdefender I clicked on take me back to safety, and on point, Bitdefender closed that tab on my browser.

I opened the Bitdefender app and clicked on start scan so I can make sure that there was no malware I got while clicking on that link and thankfully there was no threat.

I went to my password manager to 1password. There is an option called watchtower where I can check if any password has been leaked anywhere or if I'm using the same password in the same accounts and I found there were no issues with my passwords.

P.S. My Watchtower security score in @1Password is 1183 (Fantastic)

The next step I was not done just making sure that I'm secure or not I wanted to do more and research if these companies doing something when some of the senders pretended to be them and I search them and I found some of the help from them I will put the links so you all can read by yourself.

DHL Link, MetaMask Link 

The last thing is to report them as phishing emails, block them on your email provider in my case I was using Gmail, and send an email to DHL as per their guide you can read on the DHL link.

I highly recommend everyone to be extra careful whenever they are clicking on links online and getting emails and sms saying they are from a legitimate company always check the sender's email and if it seems off check the website that they are trying to be useful services that help to be secure on the Internet for more apps I will recommend you all reading previous newsletter My Favs App 

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